Lifestyle formats

Our media brands Yacht Vision,
House Vision and Trendlife Vision (previously: Jetsetters) have already proven their value in the past years. O-MEDIAHOUSE B.V.
has re-constructed the existing formats to innovating cross-media concepts. With a wider reach, more experience and a measurable result.
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The foundation under our cross-media concepts are sponsored TV-programs, which are, through their quality and content, very appealing to a wide audience. These programs, broadcasted in the Netherlands by RTL4[1], are also distributed by us to international TV stations.
With subjects that connect to the offers of advertisers from a diverse range of product categories.
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Cross-media platforms

Enriching and transforming content from the TV-programs into other channels of media: that is where our strength lies.
By doing so, we create communication platforms that strengthen each other. On TV and internet, through apps for smart phones and tablets and by utilizing social media. Innovative software-applications ensure interesting content and generate valuable data.
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With our formats, you will reach those in the top segment as well as people with a above-average income. From successful youngsters to prosperous retirees. Our cross-media approach guarantees a wide reach and a high brand effect. It offers advertisers more possibilities to reach their target group. National and International.
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